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The Optimak STU firm is raising its success with an increasing momentum since its inception in 2012. The greatest workers of this success are the fact that 16 of them are working with a strong team of engineers to carry out a great deal of sensitivity and professionalism. In addition, Optimak STU stands out one more step in the sector where it is required to produce machines and systems that are not in need of an operator and that are operating in high performance and trouble free, in line with international safety standards. Taking the principle of solution-oriented operation as a principle, Optimak STU is aiming to offer solutions to customers and not a machine.

Turkey’s S Optimak machine is available in every region of the Middle East has added to give weight to the export target in 2017 and has been signed between successful projects in this field. Optimak STU, which started to focus on exports in 2017, continues to take firm steps towards globalization by focusing on exports in the near future.

Optimak STU aims to give priority to marketing and promotional activities in the sector as of 2017. Within this scope, Eurasia Packaging Istanbul 2017 23th International Packaging Industry Fair which was held in Istanbul Tüyap Culture and Congress Center between 25-28 October 2017 will be held at Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality International Exhibition Center between 2-5 November 2017 and WOW,  Optimak STU which aimed to introduce individual products to its customers in the relevant sectors in the ST 3rd Robot Investments Summit held at the Convention Center, planned to support its rapid growth with these organizations. Interested in the events in which he participated, Optimak STU is proud of the successful projects he has done.

Optimak STU, which is closely following emerging technology and social media, provides feedback from social media accounts that have been active. It is being used as a tool by which customers, students, job seekers, industry enthusiasts can communicate and have information about the company.

Optimak STU technology, which has begun to work on SEO compatibility with its revamped website, aims to use the internet in the most efficient manner. Optimak STU recognizes that digital marketing is as important in every sector as it is in the machinery manufacturing sector. He focuses on digital marketing solutions, especially corporate SEO work and consulting. Seeking to be easier to find by customers with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works. In terms of awareness brand, they are also aware of the positive effects of their SEO work. At the same time, it is seen that the optimization works that are done in the increase of the export figures are benefited. Being aware of the fact that the new age is the age of machine production and information, Optimak STU constantly improves itself in this direction.

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