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Optimak Robotics Automation is helping you to keep pace with the rapidly increasing technological developments in the world.

Robotics Automation Robotics Process Automation (RPA – Robotics Process Automation) is the involvement of employees in a company or factory by an advanced computer lab. This may include, for example, automatically cutting off another process to perform an operation, communicating with other digital devices, or performing a business process on the data. A large number of people are needed to perform these operations in a large plant. Using robotic process automation software systems in such a factory enables employees to use their work power efficiently and increases the money and time savings.

Just as industrial robots lead to an increase in production efficiency and quality, and thus to the revival of the manufacturing industry, robotic process automation robots are a revolution in the process of thinking and managing remote office connections in the infrastructure of information technology, workflow processes. Robotic automation robots increase the quality of work by removing people from boring, repetitive tasks, making incredible improvements in the accuracy and speed of the work done, and increasing productivity in the operations performed.

Robotic Automation can be used in a wide variety of industries.

Process Automation: The automation itself can be considered as managing the process already. Process automation involves much more than automation during production. Reuse of the data obtained in the production process after the production of a product, utilization of statistical results is within the scope of process automation. Such as process automation used during the production of Stretch Wrapping Machine.

Support and Management of Information Technologies: Problems that can occur with automation processes used when remotely managing the information technology infrastructure are constantly checked and can be quickly interrupted in the event of an error. Robotic Automation can be used to monitor network devices and improve technical service operations. Taking jobs as much as possible from human resources allows a company to solve problems quickly without extra training and cost.

Automatic Assistant Technology: It is a very new technology that is becoming widespread in parallel with the developments in voice recognition systems and online assistant technology. Using this technology, robotic automation robots can work and respond to customers using natural language instead of software codes. For example, large call centers help protect resources in customer communication centers.

The factories that use innovations like Industry 4.0 (Industry Revolution 4), like the dark factory, need technologically advanced solutions. Robotic Automation is a technological development that will reduce costs and improve productivity and quality in back office applications such as managing customer processes. RPO can average cost savings of 30 to 40%.

Of course, it is also possible to use this technological innovation incorrectly. RPO projects may fail in the following situations:

  • RPO is a business transformation, not an IT project.
  • Planning and pilot implementation is very important and necessary in RPO as it is in all processes.
  • Insufficient training of the work force to ensure the sustainability of automation
  • Implementation of RPO in the wrong processes
  • Excessive implementation of RPO in processes
  • Cooperation between Information Technologies, Risk Department and Human Resources departments is weak
  • Problems in IT infrastructure.


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