Safety machines systems

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The priority of safety machines systems in the industrial firms

Many industrial Firms, their main target is to develop and evolve its’ sales rate , such as  selling as many machines as possible with the best prices, besides  attracting the customers by concentrating on the working systems, technical features, advantages, how many tasks it can be done at the same time and the flexibility of the machines to be adjusted according to other firms requirements, and provide customers satisfactions, avoiding the risks which can occur while the machines are operating.

In the resent years many accidents happened during the process of the machines because of the unsafe environments of working, like engineers or workers’ injuries which can cost you the lives of the employees who operate, maintain or work around the machines, Eventually it will lead to a huge problem which can affect the reputation of your company and many customers will not be very pleased to deal with you anymore , also will prefer to deal with other trustworthy companies.

Optimak STU an end of the line application company, one of its’ most important targets is to provide a full safety machines systems to its’ engineers and workers, of course to its valued customers too, because it puts the safety factor in its’ priorities and focusing on how to construct safety systems which can be adjusted to each type of machines.

Now a day’s customers have realized the importance of safety systems ,and how it can change their workplace environment to a better place of achieving their company’s major goals, without having any worries about any damages might occur , they noticed that the safety factors are also related to machines performance and the brand image of the exporter firm.

The Main Benefits of safety machines System

  1. Cost saving : Having a full safety system in your workplace, will reduce many risks like workers injuries as we mentioned before , or reduce the major loss cost  of many equipments of the machines.
  2. Time Saving :as we know time saving is an important feature for any successful industry , a simple example : imagine your customer ordered from your firm to construct a machine in specific period of time , while finishing the build of the required machine ,It is the time to check it’s functionality, and a simple error occurred  but you have  lack of security system that  you couldn’t turn off the operating machine , besides everything you have build in the last several months is gone and you have to start all over again , in addition asking the customer to extend the duration ,which you cannot guarantee if the customer will accept this delay or not .
  3. Increasing the Productivity Rate: however if the last two points are available , gradually will increase the firms productivity because you will gain customers’ trust and they will have no doubts to cooperate with your company again, plus recommending your high  level of safety  to the other firms.

Optimak STU Firm can offer you several solutions of safety machines systems:

  1. Intelligent Sensors and Beam Barriers: Voltage and wave-type, non-deceivable, wavelength-controlled smart sensors and light barriers
  2. Independent Panel: Independent panel that cuts off the power supply when the emergency stop button is pressed
  3. Safety Fences: Safety fences, mounted through observing interior and exterior intervention distances, preventing unauthorized access to the work area and uncontrolled exit from the work area.
  4. Panic escape door systems: This product provides escape from the interior in case of emergency, opening with permission request, protecting service men and operators through meto lock.
  5. Pneumatic Safety Systems: These systems stops compressed air supply and release the pressure by pressing emergency stop button.

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