Palletisation System’s Effectiveness in our packaging industry

Koli-Şişe Hibrit Robotik Paletleme

Packaging process has the same major importance, as producing or filling the products process, when manual packaging such as manual palletizing, will be a huge part of this process, then we will have a big obstacle that we have to pass, because let’s face the fact of manual palletizing, is a big physical challenge to make the process goes smoothly and with any complications.

Many Successful Industrial Companies and factories which are specialist in the packaging area, they must have an Automatic palletisation machine systems , as a solution to eliminate the risks of workers injuries and the errors might occur during the manual operation.

Optimak STU Firm as an end of the line application is offering  the main types automatic palletizing machine systems like : Conventional Palletizing, Combined Palletizing and Cartesian Palletizing, which they can be very useful and effective to run the needed tasks , according to  customers’ requirements.

The main advantages of automatic palletizing machines:

  1. This type of automatic machines are considered Very Flexible, can handle a variety ranges of different products and adjustable to do different tasks according to the firm’s need.

2.Those kind of machines  have the ability to be set up in an easy way, this feature will reduce time wasting and provide customers satisfaction.

  1. Eliminating the manual palletizing which can result a high return to the enterprises’ investments.

As we have mentioned before, there are many types of palletizing systems, Optimak STU Company will give you a small brief of each one of these types:



Conventional Palletisation is used to automate the pallets’ transportation process in a flexible and easy techniques .Many different technologies are very useful for creating the required pallet, but with the creativity of Optimak STU’s Designs, we can guarantee you, the reduced installation costs and offering the highest levels of safety for your workers.

Conventional Palletizing system has two types :

Elevated Palletizing and Package Palletizing Type :  

The working system for these two types of Conventional Palletizing system are similar about how the products are conveyed  during the palletizing process goes through some main stations like sorting station , layer preparation station, layer transfer station then it will be delivered to on the pallet via elevators or Cartesian systems , and when the creation of the layer is completed , a cardboard is interlaid by a separator robot.

In this step where the products will intermediate the board again, and the loop continues, until they reach the desired layer level at this time the pallet will be ejected from the line.

The Advantages and the technical features of Elevated Palletizing and Package Palletizing Type

  1. The productivity of these machines do not depend on any employee , in addition it is certainly an independent  and free machine from seasonal fluctuation , this feature will increase the growth rate of the firms sales
  2. The Used Types of products are: Shrink products, Packaged products, Bagged products, Kraft bagged products, Cased products, Products which can be transported individually
  3. The capacity of Elevated Palletizing ,can be between 1500 and 3000 package per hour , but the capacity of Package Palletizing Type can be between 600-1500 package per hour
  4. The installed power of elevated palletizing is 16 kwh, but the installed power of Package Palletizing Type is 10kwh
  5. The utilized pallets are Plastic and wooden pallets, and its dimensions 80×120,100×120 or Special pallets according to the ordered pallets
  6. The utilized separators are Cardboard separator, Plastic separator,OSB separator, Plywood separator
  7. The availability of Elevator fall protection system and Separator robot fall protection system


The working system of combined palletizing machines, it is using a palletizing robot which is responsible for taking the product layer and puts it on the pallet, when the first layer is prepared, and this process will continue in this sequence till the creation of the layer is completed, and a cardboard can be interlaid.

The required products are placed on the intermediate pallet again and the cycle will continue till reaching the desired level of the layer, at the end the filled up pallet will be ejected from the line.

The Advantages and the technical features of COMBINED PALLETIZING

1.Availability of rapid adaptation to changing and evolving conditions , also it has the manufacturing standards

2.The products types which can be used are Shrink products, Packaged products, Bagged products, Kraft bagged products, Cased products, Products which can be transported individually

  1. its’ capacity 600-3000 package per hour
  2. The safety availability of Product drop-off prevention system in case of power outage and Product drop-off prevention system in case of air outage a.

3. Cartesian Palletizing

The working system of the third type have many similarities with the elevated palletizing and package type palletizing , the products also  are going through many stations as we have mentioned  , and when the process is completed the filled up pallet is ejected from the line , then the new pallet is supplied to the line automatically.

The Advantages and the technical features of Cartesian palletizing

1. The Capacity of this type is 600 to 1500 package per hour and its’ installed power 16kwh.

2. It has the availability of Independent Pallet Supply System and Independent Separator Supply System.

3.Its’ drive system consists of Servo and asynchronous motor, Square core shaft system, Square core gear system.

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