Industry 4.0 & Digital Conversion

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Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th industrial revolution, is a term that combines contemporary automation systems, data Exchange and production Technologies, which play a majör role in the foundation of the intelligent factory system.

What is the Industrial Revolution and What are the development Processes?

It will help us to examine the processes of industrial revolution to understand Industry 4.0. Because these are interdependent processes and other processes have been very effective in making Industry 4.0 this way. Now, starting from Industry 1.0, let’s explain all the processes one by one.

What is the Industry 1.0 ?

The Industrial Revulation began in Europe in the earyly 18th century, centered on England. In this period, the products began to be produces in the factory, not in the workshop. The products were produced as pieces in the workshop, while the factory started to produce production as multiple. The Industrial Revolution has begun with the production of steam-powered machines required for mass production. With the European Industrial Revolution, it has started to make a difference in other issues, especially in the economy.

What is the Industry 2.0 ?

Industry 2.0 is actually seen as the continuation and further development of Industry 1.0. At the beginning of the 19th century factories started mass production in the Industry 2.0 period. This period was able to effect not only to the rich segment of the people but also to the whole population. In addition, automobiles emerged and used in this period with the production of Henry Ford. This was the most important factor in the start of Industry 2.0, the 2nd Industrial Era.

What is the Industry 3.0 ?

Industry 3.0, the 3rd Industrial Revolution, is known as the increase in production and the emergence of computers to support production. In the early 1970s, a new era in industrialization began with the production of programmable machines. The first microcomputer was introduced during this period and digital Technologies began to be used. Automation was started to be used by using electronic and information Technologies together in the Industry 3.0 Period.

What is the Industry 4.0 ?

Germany was the leading of the 4th Industrial Revolution ( Industry 4.0 ). This term, whic was used fort he first time at the Hannover Fair, appeared as a project supported by the German Government. The machines can be coordinated by developing internet and technologies. The development of technologies that have been produced so far, the integration of software with these technologies and the widespread use of the internet have brought about to the emergence of intelligent systems. With the intelligent systems the 4th Industrial Era ( Industry 4.0 ) has started. Continuous development of the technology in this period also prepares a base for Industry 5.0. Looking at the components of Industry 4.0, we see that the internet of things ( IoT ), cyber-physical systems and digital transformation. Let us explain the components of Industry 4.O one by one. So we can better understand the 4th industrial revolution.

What is the Internet of Things ( IoT ) ?

It means the communication of physical objects with each other. In fact, smart phones, smart houses, bus stops that tell us about the future bus are examples of the internet of things.

What are Cyber – Physical Systems?

Cyber – physical systems develop with the internet of things. So we can say that Cyber-Physical Systems means that objects are managed by people as they become wise. Increased use of automation in production can be an example of Cyber-Physical Systems. These automations work with sensors and controls.

What is the Digital Conversion?

It is not a term that can be explained or assimilated in a few sentences, such as Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems. Digital Conversion is a system that is used to increase the efficiency of firms and to accelerate the competition and it is absolutely necessary to use it. Companies or brands should use Digital Conversion to keep up with today’s digital age. When we talk about Digital Conversion, we can think of terms such as automation, digital media, e-service.

Industry 4.0 Advantages

Industry 4.0 has succeeded in making striking developments in the economic, social and political spheres worldwide. Let us explain some of the changes most affected by companies and people.

Smart Factories: It is the result of combining cyber – physical systems with production systems. It provides quality, time and cost advantages when compared to the conventional production. Consequently, it has created market opportunities.

Smart Robots: Smart Robot Technology is one the target of Industry 4.0. Smart Robots increase production and service exponentially. Smart Robots, intended for use in smart factories, identify the products moving on the belts with their sensors and know the processes to be performed. Thus, product can be produced and followed with almost zero defects in production.

Cloud Information System – Cloud Technology (Cloud Computing): It is a general name given to a system that can Exchange common data between information devices. The common name of the storage of all applications, data or programs on a virtual server and Access to this program, data or applications with any device over the internet is called Cloud Computing or Cloud Technology.

Three Dimensional ( 3 D ) Printers: They are printers that can produce physical objects from a digitally designed projection. Very thin layers are required to print from this printer. A physical object can be accessed by superimposing these layers. It is aimed to use science technologies from the medical world in many fields from genetics to industry. Nowadays it is seen that it has achieved this aim. It is a groundbreaking technology in science, technology and especially medicine. It has become one of the most suitable applications for Industry 4.0.


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