Semi-Automatic Machines

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Working System – RSS, It is mounted in the most suitable point in the operation. – The pallet to be lifted is placed on the machine platform using the forklift or pallet truck by the operator. -The stretch is manually secured to the bottom of the pallet and the start button is pressed. – The […]

Working System – MSS,It is installed in any building line or in its own steel column. – The product to be removed is placed in the winding area by the operator and the stretch is manually fastened to the lower part. – The operator leaves the winding area and presses the start button to start […]

Working System – Pallet to be wrapped is put on the wrapping area by the pallet operator and the stretch film is manually affixed to its bottom – Stepping out of wrapping area, start button is pressed and the machine is started. – Wrapping, started from the bottom, continues up to the top and goes […]

Working System – Jumbo stretch ball is attached to the shaft feeding. – The transferring roll is attached to the transfer shaft and the jumbo roller is wrapped around the bottom roller – The machine is started by pressing the Start button. – It automatically stops after a specified time in time-adjusted systems (used for […]