Industry 4.0 & Digital Conversion

Akıllı fabrika nedir? Akıllı fabrikalarda hat sonu uygulamalarının örnekleri

Industry 4.0, also known as the 4th industrial revolution, is a term that combines contemporary automation systems, data Exchange and production Technologies, which play a majör role in the foundation of the intelligent factory system. What is the Industrial Revolution and What are the development Processes? It will help us to examine the processes of […]

Palletizing machines

PET Damacana Robotik Paletleme

The Variations in application and types of  Palletizing machines Palletising is carried out on pallets, stacking machines, forklifts, etc. after the manufactured products are made of wood, metal, cardboard or plastic materials and placed on the product. can be defined as the process of transporting by transportable devices. The produced products can be palletized in […]

Safety machines systems

Emniyet Fensleri

The priority of safety machines systems in the industrial firms Many industrial Firms, their main target is to develop and evolve its’ sales rate , such as  selling as many machines as possible with the best prices, besides  attracting the customers by concentrating on the working systems, technical features, advantages, how many tasks it can […]

Palletisation System’s Effectiveness in our packaging industry

Koli-Şişe Hibrit Robotik Paletleme

Packaging process has the same major importance, as producing or filling the products process, when manual packaging such as manual palletizing, will be a huge part of this process, then we will have a big obstacle that we have to pass, because let’s face the fact of manual palletizing, is a big physical challenge to […]

Conveyor Types and Uses

Konveyör Çeşitleri

Before moving on to the section of conveyor types, we want to talk about the functions and classifications of the conveyors in business. As technology improves, the speed of production machines and the area they cover grows. As the speed of production machines and the area their covered increases, the product name that needs to […]

What is Automation, Types and a Case Study

Robotik Paletleme

What is Automation? The shortest answer to the question of automation is to configure the function according to the characteristics of the functions of the specified machine or systems, and then automatically apply all the operations according to their own construction without the need of any human being like employee or workers. After the construction, […]

Robotic Automation

Bantlı Konveyör

Optimak Robotics Automation is helping you to keep pace with the rapidly increasing technological developments in the world. Robotics Automation Robotics Process Automation (RPA – Robotics Process Automation) is the involvement of employees in a company or factory by an advanced computer lab. This may include, for example, automatically cutting off another process to perform […]

The Major Role of Palletization Machines in companies

Rack Robotik Paletleme

One of the most important machines in any company is palletization machine , the palletization of goods provides many benefits for supply chain operations. Move one box at a time or up to one hundred? Pallets were largely accepted to be one of the two greatest innovations of the Twentieth Century, along with the barcode. […]

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