In the recent years, while the machinery trading industry was taking its’ place in many areas around the world reducing the manual uses in many factories. most of the related industrial enterprises were planning and discussing the idea of how to gain customers that have many business relationships which leads to bring other customers to cooperate with the same enterprises, this was one of the essential goals which they started to implement, but  they have realized there are some main steps should be provided, before reaching these goals such as selling machines with a high quality ,offering a reliable safety system and not ignoring their customers’ requirements after sales .

Many Enterprises will offer you machines with suitable prices and a good safety system but without any services are included maybe at the first , second or third time, this plan will work but it can’t work every time, because not providing any help or services after sales , this type of plans eventually will cause a lack of  sales rate and without knowing those enterprises will end up with a limited range of customers in the future  .

Lucky Customers will get the opportunity  to cooperate with Optimak STU an end of the line solution enterprise which is certainly able to offer you a reliable after sales supports and quick services for assisting the customers in using the machinery systems of Optimak ,besides the continues machinery maintain.

Now we can tell the reason of the increased rate of sales during these 5 years , because of generating new and repeated  customers from many foreign countries ,besides the huge development of the brand loyalty among the customers and ensure their satisfaction.

The main After Sales Services of Optimak STU Company, are including the following System types:

  1. Remote Monitoring with Scada System

The systems are monitored, recorded and reported via the Scada program which can be defined as a system of software and hardware that allows industrial Companies to  gather and process real time date in addition to interact directly with devices such as sensors , valves , motors etc , also it uses Ethernet connection.

Planned maintenance and periodic control reduce unplanned downtime and damage failures, reduce technical costs and increase productivity.

  1. Remote Intervention to Abnormal Situations with Daily Reporting

Many Industrial Enterprises ignore the importance of daily reporting and how it can be very effective to any other machinery companies

This type provides reporting, alarms, anomalies and stoppages that should not be intervened are intervened and the situation is notified to the company authorities.

  1. On-Site Support

Whenever it’s necessary, fast service is provided by using all kinds of facilities, this type is a huge help for the customers, who are new to our machinery products and systems.

  1. Fast Spare Parts Shipments

As we mentioned cooperating with foreign countries,  and how it can improves the sales rate ,that’s why keeping this feature by providing fast delivery of parts is ensured by all means , whenever it is needed.